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Unless, that is, one wants the evening to descend rapidly into terse words and flung gravy boats.

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Cruz will run as the Obama-despising, hawkish, religious conservative candidate of a party already defined by its religious conservatism, enthusiasm for foreign entanglements, and opposition to Obama

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They're talking to islanders to understand their marine resource needs.

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They'll have to work hard at it.

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Gold rose for a fourth day to a two-week high, while copper prices in London hit their highest since Jan

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John McCain tweeted his thoughts on the NFL's announcement:

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(Reporting by Swetha Gopinath in Bengaluru; Editing by KirtiPandey)

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The Rundgrens' dispute stems from a $3 million refinancing loan the couple arranged with Washington Mutual Bank several months before the bank failed in 2008

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At the same time, they are under pressure to make the right call on whether to increase a patient's movement level

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The Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”, for all the hype about its quieter engines, still makes a lot of noise — almost as much as the A320 in the simulation

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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have locked down deep-pocketed donors and built sophisticated campaigns-in-waiting as they court voters across the country.

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They want to play a leadingrole, in the limelight," said Alberto Forchielli, managingdirector of Mandarin Capital Partners.

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Like most boys of their social class Torquil and Ronnie were sent off to preparatory boarding schools

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Japan Tobacco International, the world's third-largest tobacco company, thinks strict regulations could hurt young firms

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The vast majority of his money is in a “multi-manager” fund – a fund that invests in other funds

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Spring is followed by autumn with 89.84 days and winter with 88.99 days

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But Ryan? Look at that smile of his, you would forgive him anything.

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"In particular, there has been a significant rise in the number of pedestrians who lost their lives in 2014 compared to 2013 (42 versus 31)

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When these start-ups grow and look for more capital, they often list on international exchanges, including the Nasdaq and London Stock Exchange

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to Russia," Stevan Nikcevic, a Trade Ministry officialtold state-run RTS TV late on Sunday.

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home resales reboundedmodestly in February against the backdrop of a persistentshortage of properties on the market, a trend that couldundermine the spring selling season.

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The Prime Minister has made clear that there will be no more cuts to our regular Armed Forces and we are committed to building up our Reserves

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In 2013, another bomber blew himself up on thebeach in Sousse

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'We will be sorry to see him leave.’

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It was organised by the Irish Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (IrSPEN) and focused on the key role of nutrition in healthcare and disease management

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Forbes writers have the ability to call out member comments they find particularly interesting

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Look at it from his perspective though, he is up against Ramos and Pepe, both are clattering him at every opportunity for 90 minutes; and Pepe enjoys the dramatics too.

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Tamerlan died following a gunfight with police later that night and Dzhokhar was arrested after a homeowner in the suburb of Watertown found him hiding in a boat in his backyard

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Here are the top 10 areas in which houses have outearned their owners

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"For me, it was more about [Rare founders] Tim and Chris Stamper leaving

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Then, three days before his death, he was arrested and held for two days for failing to appear at a hearing and pay fines and fees linked to his prior assault conviction, court documents show.

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McDonald's has a new menu item, and unlike some of its iconic foods -- the Big Mac, fries, McFlurries -- this one is a little less..

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I heard a quick loud sudden bang, but no sound of breaking glass.


Yandle's first assist was his quick, one-time set of Derek Stepan's power play goal from point-to-point at 5:43 of the first period

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Currently individuals can invest tax-free in a stocks and shares Isa, or in a cash Isa with a bank or building society.

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Does this mean Watson is HAL, the all-knowing cognitive system from “2001: A Space Odyssey”? Harbour says no ..

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To test this aspect of Mustang ownership, I packed my own brood aboard for the hour-long ride north to Santa Barbara

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There is a lot of attention being paid to how business leaders can use the mobile computing preferences of employees and customers to be more responsive, efficient and successful

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The King family must be tired and battle-weary after 24 months of caring for Ashya

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UK researchers carried out a detailed analysis of 52 studies involving almost 22,000 women with ovarian cancer living in Europe, North America and Australia

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Realtors and economists say insufficient equity anduncertainty about the economy's strength were forcing potentialsellers to stay longer in their homes

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The top three used to be Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea for a large period at the back end of my career.

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The company said the swelling was generally "asymptomatic or with mild, transient symptoms."

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