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"I bite my nails, am out of shape, have been on a diet for the past five years, and often lie awake at night, wondering if the show I'm about to host will be worthy of your time," he writes
There's virtually no rehabilitation
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players who rely solely on athleticism fizzle out a lot quicker.
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The aircraft's blue undercarriage was partially torn and the nose badly damaged.
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"If you look at the number of people who are in prison for drug offences, at least in the US, that's an important indicator of the change in real policy, and those numbers are starting to go down
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Under the simplified procedure, the Commission announces theclearance of uncontroversial first-stage mergers without givingany reason for its decision
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Poems are often my companions when I feel at my most desperate and alone; sharing poetry with others is one of the most effective ways I can think of to dispel isolation
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Authorities said cocaine use and heart disease contributed to Houston's death at age 48.
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The court found unconstitutional the formula that determined which localities must get federal approval before putting into effect any changes to their voting regulations.
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Hymans estimates that 10bn a year could flow from defined benefit to defined contribution schemes if a third of members go ahead with switching their retirement funds
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As Sassoon poured out his heart, his children lay before him on stretchers — their bodies covered with shrouds
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I urge everyone to follow my lead and contact the ASI to find out what they can do to change the way they are living with asthma," Mr McDonald said.
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dollar and concerns about oversupply
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The company had 210 outpatient facilities, including surgery centers and other types, at the end of last year, up from 183 in 2013.
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The parents — and many Mexicans — are skeptical.
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"Terrible news today from Tarhouna where eight innocentdisplaced Tawergha killed in air strikes," U.S
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And no doubt, pure-hearted libertarians are going to be offered lots of bad arguments in favor of letting Paul off the hook
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And for us the pope is someone truly special."
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And unlike its rival former British colony, which has mainland China at its doorstep, Singapore does not have a hinterland.
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But little brother taught big brother a big lesson on the big stage
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By asking for a Resolution of this kind, critics point out that Mr Zarif is implicitly conceding what Iran has always denied, namely that its nuclear programme does indeed threaten world peace.
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Senate before deciding to run for president
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EDC said it was already conducting more business in yuan asdemand for exposure to the currency increases
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If you did you would leave out all the men that are academically superior and heading departments at major medical institutions throughout the country.
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Fischer said last month the central bank looked most likelyto raise rates in June or September, although economicdevelopments might warrant different timing for liftoff

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