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If the doctor is not independent it is important to know that a bias may exist

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We've also curated a selection of long sleeve tees that shout "I'm Hangry", "Love Your Soul", among other penned up thoughts.

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"If you don't want to have the al-Qaida license plate, don't get into the business of allowing people to buy...the space to put on whatever they want to say," the chief justice said.

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"If you make it extremely hard (to comply), you would drive small companies out of business," said Ian Jones, JTI's head of scientific and regulatory affairs for emerging products


“It’s a useful tool to show how quieter planes will impact on local communities

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The focus on bikes began under Matt Davies, who was drafted in as chief executive from Pets at Home to turn Halfords around

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The FDA does not require that GMOs get approval, but the agency does encourage companies to take part in a voluntary consultation process before their products hit the supermarket.

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“That is not important,” Bogdanovic said with a sheepish grin on the YES Network as Jarrett Jack walked by and tapped him playfully on the shoulder

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His plans aren't detailed enough yet to really assess what their impact would be on the economy or government revenues.

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The researchers found that spontaneous preterm deliveries were linked with an increased risk of all of these heart conditions

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Shares rose 6%, or 69.5p, to 1141p.

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In short, we’re left, with an exhibition of brilliant objects, whose brilliance is inadequately explained

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Senate last week that heintended to "fix" the program's rules to ensure that designatedentities don't serve as cover for big companies that should notqualify for discounts.

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At stake is more than solving the mystery of a slain Jewish prosecutor

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"I'm still trying to be positive about everything, even with that number you hit me with," Bush said after a reporter told him his 40 time

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