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The group initially shared powerwith Hadi but dissolved parliament last month.

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“You just don’t know,” Girardi said

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Farkhunda was buried Sunday as mourners, most women, donned masks of the dead scholar’s bloodied face in a march of solidarity

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It isdesigned to complement the U.S

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Other parties, like the centrist Yesh Atid and the Joint Arab List refrained from supporting any candidate.

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When the game mercifully ended, Self folded his arms, took a deep breath and sighed

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The irony is no owner seems more determined to move than Kroenke but no city seems more determined to keep its team than St

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On Monday, it said it was teaming up with Chinese social networking firm Tencent Holdings Ltd to develop opportunities related to electric vehicles.

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While you can’t set and forget because none of the modes is perfect for every driving situation, each is tailored to serve well under specific conditions

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She finally made it out a window

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She is expected to announce her candidacy later this spring

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Naturally, I sometimes wonder if there’s any practical means by which we could put up some of the old barriers to spewing hate and anger

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According to the Toaiseach, Enda Kenny, the Child and Family Relationships Bill is ‘the most important change in family legislation since the foundation of the State'

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Of all the strategic decisions facing Clegg’s inner circle, how to deploy Clegg himself has proved one of the toughest

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The UAV uses thermography, sound identification and onboard processing data.

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One unknown factor for state tourism this year is the impact of the strong increase in the value of the dollar around the world

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Unfortunately it has now sold out but if you fancy checking out the label's latest collection then click (right) to Nordstrom

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He served as prime minister for 31 years, and continued to work in government until 2011

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Forward Tekele Cotton scored 19 points to lead five Shockers in double figures, and No

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It's not a criminal trial, where finding out what is true gets total priority over the feelings of the participants

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"I thought we played a beautiful basketball game," Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall said

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The biologists will continue to study the frog species to learn more about how the shape-shifting trait evolved over time.

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The German government argues that the issue of reparations was resolved in a 1960 accord requiring West Germany to pay Greece 115 million marks — equivalent to about $330 million today

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The research found different policies in place across government departments

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Typically there are an enormous number of enemies to defeat, with exploration, item collecting and extracurricular activities thrown into the mix

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Cases may be reclassified asnon-simplified - that is, ordinary first-stage reviews - untilthey are approved

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As an undergraduate, his cure was “hedonism”

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It’s a lot more difficult to work out the Champions League situation

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When Border Force staff catch migrants at the border, they do not process them or take steps to establish identity, they hand them over to the French authorities, who then release them."

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Experts worry that women's rights are at risk despite making gains in recent years

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Margaret Thatcher may have famously got by on four hours sleep a night as prime minister but you probably need the full eight.

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She also co-founded a taxi company in Traverse City in 1996.

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The man appeared to be a camera operator waiting to film Obama's address.

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I doubt their many complex feelings can be distilled into neat sound bites about the rights and wrongs of NHS cancer care, even if, in pre-election times, we long for clear, certain argument.

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If we do detect mini black holes at this energy, then we will know that both gravity's rainbow and extra dimensions are correct, Dr Mir Faizal told

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So it’s not fair to compare a self-selected group of mature autodidacts against the general population

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In its annual Skin in the Game report, investment trust broker Canaccord analyses managers' and directors' shareholdings in the vast majority of trusts

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To be able to play center field, to have power, to play defense, to be able to steal bases, score on a double in our park - which is very challenging at times

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"He reminds me of a very skilled point guard in basketball

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Jill McDonald, who was also president of the fast food chain's North West Division, had run the UK business since 2010 and is set to replace Matt Davies, who has been lured to runTesco'sUK operatons.

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The bank then took in another 7.3 billion francs of inflows at the beginning of December from the private banking portfolios acquired from HSBC's Swiss bank.

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Bryan Fuller's arty, gory take on the fictional killer is one of network TV's most unjustly overlooked dramas: gorgeous, strange, and embedded with a tense psychological depth

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Arterton's opinion is that "you have to be slightly special in your head to be able to pull off a funny horror film

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Nowhere is that more apparent than when it comes to free movement of people

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