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She aims to crowd-fund a book of the images to ask questions about fashion, sex and the naked human form

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While the rule was not the nation's first local regulation limiting fast-food outlets, it was the first one presented as a public health measure by advocates.

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Clinton said economic problems have been acutely felt by young people, with more than 5 million people between the ages of 16 and 24 not in school or employed and in need of job skills and training

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Once video of the punch went public, Goodell said he erred in the punishment and suspended Rice indefinitely

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Besides the defense pact, Japan agreed with Indonesia to strengthen cooperation in maritime security and development of marine-related industries

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“Any moves that will help maintain and, where possible, enhance our connectivity with the UK’s only hub must be welcomed

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In fact, a few years ago, I had a family member (who had just turned 50) ask me if his "friend" really needed to get a colonoscopy, or if he could get another test that had come out on the market.

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Homes have 'earned' more money than their owners in almost a fifth of the UK, as the housing market recovery has taken off

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Photographer Erica Simone has posed nude for a series of pictures taken in New York

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There is no required health warning on electronic cigarettes in theUnited States, so "we had to do what we thought was right," said a spokesman for Altria Client Services.

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Just like that, as another famous comedian used to say.

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He doesn’t read reviews either

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“My little body has grown tired of battle, and treatment is no longer helping,” she wrote recently

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Kansas may be the state’s flagship program, but the Jayhawks will be home next weekend while the Shockers head to Cleveland and a date with Notre Dame

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Police ultimately forced their way into Teresa Sheehan's room at a group home, then shot her after she came at them with a knife.

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He urged China to pursue a lower-carbon future.

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“As more people gathered, the police were trying to push them away, but it got out of control

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The nature of a new trading arrangement with the EU will make a profound difference to our economic future

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Franklin told The Associated Press in a phone interview that she's chosen Mark Ervin of WME-IMG to represent her


“Goodbye to all my dear friends and family that I love,” she wrote on her Facebook page

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Thereafter the pH of what must always be a free-draining compost mix is dependent on what you want to grow

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David Hatchett, a former alpine nurseryman, has an outstanding garden full of them at Lydford in north Devon

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Yet DOE’s estimates of individual consumer benefits are small and subject to great uncertainty

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The 20-day correlationbetween the dollar index and the S&P 500 sits at -0.79.The dollar index was down 0.9 percent on the day.

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