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“We’re seeing a few more males than we did on the first one and we’re seeing an overall broadening of the audience.”

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Dawson added 15 points and nine rebounds

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The Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans all left their mark

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He played in only nine games and had 23 at-bats last spring, batting .174

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It also looks specifically at a number of conditions, such as diabetes-related sight loss, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa.

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Western-backed Qaboos has ruled since taking over in a bloodless coup with the help of Oman's former colonial power, Britain

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As senior minister without portfolio, the semi-retired Lee ranked second in cabinet seniority

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We know that sound doesn’t travel in the vacuum of space — by definition, and unlike light, sound needs a medium through which to travel

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Do you have a question about running a small- or medium-sized business? Our experts are on hand to pass on their advice

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Each of the top 10 holdings of this fund (98pc of the fund) can be purchased separately through Hargreaves for much lower fees – about 0.71pc in fact, a yearly saving of 155.

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According to LaFrate, that's more than triple the THC level typically found in street marijuana a few decades ago.

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Since then, he has helped to transform an impoverished backwater riven by internal conflicts into a prosperous state that plays a small but important role in regional diplomacy.

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Alexander Leschallas of Douglas & Gordon says first-time buyers have budgets of around 750,000 and parental help

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Dupuis, a 13-year NHL veteran, will not be cleared to play again until June

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This then lead to plaster meaning “to strike with heavy blows” and to “mangle a bird with shotgun bullets”

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Senior-only households, whose dishwashers operate less frequently, can expect to wait more than 11 years to recoup the new cost premium in utility bill savings, two years more than average

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"This is great news for Wisconsin voters," Walker said in a statement

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Subsequently, there were calls for her rape and death; she lost her job in PR and her reputation was trashed

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The oil company will remain a Pirelli investor after the buyout but it is unclear at this stage what its final stake will be.

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"Just because this one chapter is ending, I'm still going to be dancing every time I get behind the blocks to race

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John Basso of Nyack Hospital in New York said that the lingering humidity in a few areas in winter time hints at a terrible season

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The good news for Mr Cruz is that most legal scholars agree that he is still a "natural born" American citizen, and thus constitutionally qualified to be president.

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city, comes amid greater scrutiny of police practices after the fatal 2014 shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri

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Most people want to see results and hit the ball hard

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The string of departures have occurred for differing reasons

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"I bite my nails, am out of shape, have been on a diet for the past five years, and often lie awake at night, wondering if the show I'm about to host will be worthy of your time," he writes

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Making these changes is not a guarantee against cancer, but it stacks the odds in our favour."

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Here are the top 10 areas in which houses have outearned their owners

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"It is well expected that the rate will lift off before theend of this year," Fischer said

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When MSF first declared there was an unprecedented Ebola outbreak at the end of March, the WHO rejected the assessment

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In his speech Cruz called for the repeal of President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law and the abolition of the tax-collecting Internal Revenue Service

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Aubrey Gregory caught fire on social media over the weekend, generating millions of views and praise for the officer and the runner.

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If car obsessives and cyclists could forget their differences and pull together behind Boris, who knows what other deep wounds could be healed across this disunited kingdom.

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One-bedroom flats can cost 350,000, little houses 700,000.

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You wouldn’t think a second baseman has had a significant number (of concussions) like a catcher, so sometimes the response is quicker

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It was about cordiality, and union around polo and philanthropy

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He believes the secret of his success is having a business model that suits all budgets

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An attorney for the New York and Tennessee Republicanparties urged the U.S

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The good news is there are a number of things to you do to improve your chances of success.

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Its POWER line of processors is often used for intensive calculations in financial services, where Chinese banks have been required by new government regulations to use more domestic vendors.

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Ally Kibwana Ally says: "For me, getting involved with Mama Africa meant that I was able to make a living out of my skills

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